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Pectoral Implants

Pectoral Implants

Pectoral Implants Male chest enhancement, known as “pec” or perctorial implants, is becoming more popular. Increasing numbers of men are choosing to enhance their physique, body symmetry, and self-image with pectoral implants. This procedure can be performed to enhance an already shapely physique, or pectoral implants may be used for those who simply are unable to achieve adequate chest development due to their anatomy. Pectoral augmentation, is a surgical procedure designed to add fullness, size, and shape to the male chest. This procedure involves inserting a soft, high-grade, solid silicone implant into a space created under the pectoral muscles. To the touch, it has the feeling and consistency of a flexed muscle. Gynecomastia or excess male breast tissue, if present, should be removed with liposuction along with the “pec” implant surgery.

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