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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an extensive list of Frequently asked questions, if your question isn’t in our list please feel free to call (519) 585-0854 or Toll Free at 1-844-772-7874 to setup a consultation.

Who is a candidate for plastic surgery?

The best plastic surgery candidate is someone with realistic expectations and an understanding of the limitations set by medicine, technology, and each patient’s own body. Good candidates have a strong self-image, and well-developed reason for pursuing a plastic surgery procedure. They are looking for improvement of a physical trait, knowing that while this positive change may enhance their self-image.

Is there a "right" age to pursue plastic surgery?

There isn’t any overarching rule as to the right age for plastic surgery. In fact, the appropriateness of a certain procedure should be determined more on a case by case basis, looking at the individual’s unique body type and aging process. Of course, there are age tendencies for certain procedures.

Is plastic surgery covered by health insurance?

When the plastic surgery procedure is being performed for cosmetic reasons, insurance will not cover the costs associated with the procedure. If the surgery is indicated for reconstructive purposes, however, it may be partially or fully covered by insurance.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is performed to enhance or change a healthy, normal, functioning part of the body. Reconstructive surgery, however, is intended to correct a physical abnormality caused by a birth defect, disease or tumor, physical trauma, or infection. The goal of reconstructive surgery may be to restore form and function.

How long will the results of my plastic surgery last?

Depending on the type of procedure, some results can last for decades, although there are no guarantees. Although cosmetic surgery can enhance your appearance, it cannot prevent the natural course of aging which is largely dependent upon genetics and the environment. You will always look better and/or younger than you would have had you not had cosmetic surgery.

Will plastic surgery leave a scar?

All surgery leaves scars. Dr. Elmaraghy utilizes techniques which are designed to leave the minimalist scar possible. He also tries to hide scars in areas of the body or face which are difficult to see or covered by clothing. Most patients’ scars eventually fade to a thin white line, which while present, is difficult to see.

Do I need to lose weight before my plastic surgery?

It may be advisable to lose weight before undergoing plastic surgery depending on the type of procedure and your aesthetic goals.

What will happen if I gain or lose weight after my surgery?

Many patients lose weight after plastic surgery. Patients who have had liposuction, tummy-tuck or breast reduction often find that plastic surgery has facilitated significant weight reduction after surgery. Patients who maintain their weight find that their plastic surgery results are also maintained.

What will happen if I become pregnant after my surgery?

It is perfectly acceptable to become pregnant after plastic surgery. Plastic surgery will not affect your ability or the safety to have children. Your body will go through the natural changes which are associated with pregnancy. This means that for some surgery, your appearance will change after having children. As a rule, abdominoplasty or mastopexy surgery is best reserved for women who are not planning any subsequent pregnancies.

How much time off will I need after my surgery?

Most patients need at least a week off work or school after having plastic surgery. Some operations may require a longer recovery period.

Is plastic surgery painful?

Each plastic surgery procedure carries a different level of discomfort, and requires different methods of anesthesia. In most situations, the patient’s preferences for safety and comfort, as well as personal pain threshold, can help determine what type of anesthesia will be used. Procedures may require no anesthesia, topical anesthetic, local anesthetic with or without sedation or general anesthesia.

Do I need a referral to see Dr. Elmaraghy?

Any patient can contact the office to make an appointment. Many family physicians refer their patients to see Dr. Elmaraghy and we request that you bring your physicians referral note to your consultation with D. Elmaraghy.

Is plastic surgery expensive?

Most patients are pleased to discover that plastic surgery can be very affordable. Payment plans and financing have made plastic surgery financially available to a greater number of individuals. Fees for most operations may be obtained by contacting the office. Some procedures will require consultation prior to assessment of the surgical fee. Dr. Elmaraghy will provide you with the surgical fee, based upon his surgical recommendations, at the time of your consultation.

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